Eternal Sunshine – Jhené Aiko


Dedicated to Jhené’s late brother, Miyagi, the goal was to design a one take shot where the backstory is explained underneath Jhené. The strategy was to have one continuous running shot of Jhené as she gets lifted into the air, revealing the accident under her, and trigger childhood memories of Jhené and her siblings. Everything in the shot is real, no green screen or VFX was used. By using a 120ft crane, we lifted Jhené while triggering the ambulance arrival near the staged car accident underneath. We achieved the shot on the 6th take.


  • DirectorJay Ahn
  • ProducerDennis Chang
  • Production CoordinatorPei-Lynn Juang
  • GripKenneth Bauer
  • CinematographerJay Ahn
  • Executive ProducerTOCK